European Roulette

Differences Between American and European Roulette

With a spinning wheel and chips all around, roulette tables seem the same for non-casino players, but not so for the ace gamblers. Roulette is one of the fascinating table games which has even made its prominent mark in live casino apps.

Apparently, even if they seem alike, the game has several variations to play. If you are searching for a twist and turn, check out the amazing differences in American and European roulette tables and how you can master them all!


What is the major difference?

Every roulette table has the same gaming concept as the dealer spins the wheels, and the ball lands on any numbered slots. Depending on the bets, the inside or outside bets the player’s place, the win is declared if the match is found successful. The only difference these variations seem to have is their wheel size and configuration.

Zero slots

European roulette has 1 to 36 slots and one additional zero in the green. You can bet on any of the numbers or combinations among these 36 squares. There can be splits between two squares or a quarter among four.

You also have a choice to bet inside or out. However, the American roulette has 1 to 36 slots and a green zero, but it also has an extra double zero slot. Thus, compared to the European one, it has a slot extra.

Winning possibilities

The green zeros are commonly referred to as the house edge odds, which show major losses. As there are two of them on the American wheel, the dealers have a higher chance of grabbing the sum as compared to the other variant. It is one of the reasons why American roulette is most popular in casinos all around.

The European wheel provides a winning chance with 36/37 odds as the players can bet on any numbers. However, the American wheel has 36/38 odds which is relatively less than the former.

House edges

House edge is no blind choice of percentages, nor do any commercial tricks work for them. It is purely mathematics, and the percentage results from the calculation after considering the odds and the expectations.

Since the European wheel has odds of 1/37 for the zero slot and the American wheel has 2/38 for both the zeros, the chances are more for the American table. You will be surprised to discover that the European table has only 2.7% whereas the American table has 5.26% as house edge.

House edges

Is there any profitable option?

Though European roulette seems more encouraging than the American one, the strategy is the same for both. It is the play of betting combinations and selecting trickly to get the maximum. However, if you are new to the casino and wish to start with gains, roulette also has a variant easier than these.

French roulette is one of the modified versions of the European wheel that has the same slots and strategies but provides different betting rules. In this variant, the player can earn back half of their amount even if the ball lands to green zero. Thus, for beginners trying to gain experience, you can practice with this variant to get a grip before betting big.

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